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sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2015

Doctoral degree's thesis book

+ here are just some samples of my doctoral degree's thesis book (542 pages), defended at the Post-graduate Program in Art and Technology (Computational Art) of the Art Institute of the University of Brasília | UnB, Brazil. Professor and computational artist Suzete Venturelli was my doctoral advisor (thank you!!!). This book was primarily designed in audiovisual digital format (to see and to hear - ebook), but he was also printed.

+ Abstract: To design and to map technically, aesthetically and ontologically “sonic-affective machines”: this is the primordial desire of this work that, especially through the schizoanalysis plateau created by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, discusses and proposes computational arts in which potency and sound sensibility play a unique and critical role in the creation and understanding of such machines. In the games, in the afectivities and in the uniques transductions created by them, the phylum of the Earth and of the machine coexists in metastable ecosystems where ontological binary digits are incarnated in technological binary digits. Between art, science and philosophy, from the existence of an immanent machinic reality, the Mecanosphere, the sonic-affective machines are born as arthistical/technological compunds capable of conversations between the biosphere and the technosphere, in their inclinations to contemplate and become audible the forces, the events and the durations of the biosphere. Inferred by the forces of silicon, born from the subjectivities of sonic-affective machines a possible Homo natura and its power to listen to the polyphonic symphony of the Earth, as a mirror of the univocity of the Cosmos.

Keywords: computational art| sound | biosphere | technosphere | schizoanalysis.